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4 Questions Popular While Tooth Whitening

4 Questions Popular While Tooth Whitening

his is new trend for women. However, before applying this kinds of services, you need to find out carefully the advantages and disavantages of it.

The whitening materials could harm on our teeth or not?  
At present, there is no study prove that the hydrogen or carbomide peroxide contained in whitening drugs may cause the long- term harm for us because they maitain the enamel.
However, you should say “ no” with product contained acid in ingredients. Although it doesn’t contain in the majority of famous products’ ingredient, but you should carefully  re-check the name of ingredients listed on label.

4 Thắc Mắc Thường Gặp Khi Tẩy Trắng Răng


Why the teeth become more sensitive after whitening process? 
Sensitive status caused by  these product abuse contained acid at home which make harmful on enamel. You may feel keen pain, especially when enjoy the hot or cold foods and berverages. This is completely normal and will reduce after 24 – 28 hours  after this process. However, if this status lasts longer, you should refer to dentist’s advice.

How tooth is too white? 
On the color board which is usually used by dentist, B1 is considered is the most white. However, if you impose this method ,the new color will brighter than nature. To reach the super white level, you need to apply this method professtionaly many time under dentist’s operation.


4 Thắc Mắc Thường Gặp Khi Tẩy Trắng Răng

Would it is possible to change the color of teeth which had the dental crown? 
No, only the original teeth could apply this method relying on whitening material. Because the crowns and outlayer enamel is artificial factor so that the peroxide cannot change their color. Therefore, dentists will give you specialized advice. They could clean and polish regularly the enamel or artificial outlayer in order to help your teeth always keep evenly bright level.


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