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Extraction Of Tooth

Extraction Of  Tooth

The tooth has been removed for the following reasons:

  •  Serious tooth decay infect deeply to inside of  tooth
  • Infection destroyed the majority of tooth or the surrounding bone
  • Have no room for all teeth emerge on the jawbone

Almost dentists advise that we should extract the impacted teeth which has a part erupted on jawbone only. Bacterial may penetrate into surrounding areas of them and caused infection, which may spread out the surrounding bone areas and caused extremely serious situations. They continuously develop and erupt into the gum tissues in order to appear on the jaw, even there is no room for their growth. The continuous pressure caused by this may be harmful to the root of nearby teeth. Extraction of them will help to prevent from infections, injury of nearby bone and teeth, also avoid any pain may appear.

How could be teeth removed?
Before removing your teeth, the dentist will scan your medical record and take radiography, which show the length,
form, the positions of teeth and surrounding bone. From there, he will estimate the difficulty level of the minor-surgery and give the final decision whether should transfer you to surgery specialist or not. Before this procedure, the neighbor areas has been anesthetized. He or she will use the local anesthetic to anesthetize the oral areas where has the removed tooth. For normal procedures, after anesthetization, the tooth will be shaken and loosen by a tool called coupland gouge elevator, then it will be extracted by dental elevator. He or she also grind and reshape the lower alveolus bone. Finally, they will suture to close the edge by medical yarn.

Care after extraction
Keep clean and prevent from infection after this procedure which play extremely important role. The dentist will required you to bite slightly on the dried and pasteurized medical cotton and keep it in your mouth around 30 to 45 minutes to reduce the blooding and also help to proceed coagulation. Within next 24 hours, you should not smoke, heavily wash your mouth or brush your tooth where has just been extracted one.

You may feel painful and discomfort after this process. In some cases, the dentist will advise you use the analgesic or give the prescription contained it to you. You should apply an ice-bag for your face after once 15 minutes, drink with straw, avoid the pressure for alveolus where has just been removed tooth and hot drink also. Next day, you can wash your mouth with warm water (but must not swallow). Normally, the discomfort feelings will reduce gradually after 3 days to 2 weeks. If you also feel swell, heavy pain, bleeding or temperature, please inform your dentist immediately.


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