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Periodontics directly relate to supportive tissues surrounding roof  including gums and destroying deeply supportive tissue (alveolar bone, ligament..) diseases. This is also the most important reason caused losing your tooth.

Nha Chu

Periodontal Precautions  
The diseases will go through 2 stages: gingivitis and periodontal. In the gingivitis, there will be appear one or some following signals such as:

  •  Your gums’ color will be different from normal color (dark red or dark purple)
  •   Your gums will be swell bigger
  •   When you brush your teeth, it will easily bleed
  •   In serious case, it may cause idiopathic bleeding (late detection)
  •   It also appear a bit uncomfortable feelings.

Nha Chu

If you applied suitable treatment in this stage , your disease will be cure. Unless, the majority of case , it will develop to periodontics.At that time with any treatment, you cannot be well again as your initial conditions since it has destroyed all of the tissues which located depth under your gums such as: periodontal ligament and cement. In periodontist stage, the risk of losing your tooth is high.

In some case, the reflections of inflation is cover or not furiously occur which cause difficulty to realize, while surrounding your stump has been appear pathological signs such as: losing your adhesives, destroying of your alveolar bone caused a big physical injury called periodontal pockets.  Inside of them, the infection continually develops. Little by little, the heavier your status evolves, the more serious the bone losses, shaking teeth, sometimes we cannot keep and must remove it.

Please go to see the dentist immediately once you have some following signals: 

  • Bleeding when brush your teeth
  • Red, swollen, separate from teeth of gums
  • Bad breathe lasting longtime (halitosis)
  • Having abscesses or pus melting at neck between gums and teeth
  • Shaking teeth or bigger space among teeth, especially while chewing

Normally, the periodontal disease occur unclearly, since the almost your sick time without any specific symptoms. Therefore, rechecking your teeth periodically, the most necessary thing is comprehensively checking your periodontal tissue.

The main reason caused periodontal disease is the building up of bacterial in tooth plaque. Initially, on the face of your tooth will establish transparent membrane clinging. Unless you brush your teeth to eliminate it, day after day it will accumulate then mineralizing gradually becoming tartar with increasing of bacterial. The toxic created by them pervades into the gums tissues caused inflammation. They also destroyed the supporting tissues making the separation from teeth of gums.

Nha Chu

Reasons causing periodontal disease including: 

  • Not good nutrition and protecting oral health policies
  • Stress (reduce your resistance)
  • Smoking, diabetes
  • Other disease affecting on our resistance system such as: leukemia, AIDS/HIV

For cautions, the most important thing is frequently brush your teeth in order to eliminate the bacterial plaque on the teeth face and gingival slot. Once 6 months, you should go to see the dentist for rechecking periodically and  remove cleanly tartar, plaque where the brush cannot clean.

The dentist will advise you the oral hygiene methods such as: how to choose a suitable brush, how to use the dental floss, how to clean the plaque in the space between teeth. He is also advise us how to chose the kinds of right mouthwash, toothpaste which help to protect our oral health and prevent us from periodontal disease.

When go to checking, do not forget to inform your dentist some changes about your general health status, some kinds of drugs which you are on pill such as: contraceptive, antidepressants, cardiovascular, etc. Because they can affect your oral health status.


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