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What is prosthodontics? 
This is branch of dentistry which help to modify the position of jaw and malocclusion teeth. They would be more difficult in cleaning and have the risk to earlier losing caused by  decay and gum diseases, create  more pressure for chewing muscles leading to headache, the TMJ syndrome and neck , shoulder, back pain. The misaligned teeth and malocclusion could also reduce the beauty of their appearance.

The benefits of this method  include  help  to bring  the  healthier  oral, more beautiful appearance to you and the teeth seem to exist during your lifetime.

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How can I know I need to have prosthodontics? 
Only the prosthodontist could know whether this method could bring you to any benefit or not. Based on the analysis tool includes your medical  record  and completed oral health, a checkup at dental clinic, your teeth samples ,X ray photos and special pictures, he/she may decide whether this method could be applied for you or not and draw up a
suitable treatment plan after that.

If you have one of any following signal, you need to have prosthodontics:

  • Overbite: is the status that  the upper front teeth reach too far down over the lower front teeth
  • Underbite or occlusal reverse:  the lower front teeth are farther forward than theupper front teeth or the upper go into deep inside root
  • Crossbite: once closing your mouth the upper overlap the lower
  • Openbite: when the front teeth upper not match the lower once closing your mouth, we have a space between the occlusion surface of front teeth and beside teeth.
  • Misplaced midline:  the front center line between the upper front teeth doesn’t match up with the center line of the lower front teeth.
  • Spacing: having space among teeth caused by missing teeth or not enough teeth amount on the jawbone
  • Crowding: when there are too many teeth emerging crowdedly on the jawbone

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How can prosthodontics operate? 
There are a lot of retainers  including removable and fixed  being  used to modify the tooth’s position, gums and effect on the jaw’s growth. They operate by putting directly force  on our teeth and jaw. This  depends  on  specific case, we could chose the most suitable one to bring the best results.

The fixed retainers include: 

Braces:  the most popular one, it contains the splint, bowstring and/or bracket. The splint usually put around one or more teeth and play  role as  anchor  point for them, while the bracket is stick firmly on the front surface of teeth. The sphere bowstring goes through the bracket and fixes firmly  into the splints. Tightly the bowstring will increase the force on teeth, gradually shifting them to right places. The brace has been modified monthly to bring the expected results, which could be achieved within few months up to few years. They will become smaller, lighter, less show the metal than previous.


Chỉnh Nha

They have brightly color for children and cosmetic design which is preferred by adults.

  • The special retainers– are used to control the children’s  thumb sucking or tongue thrusting habits, they will be fixed  into their teeth by splint. Thanks to inconveniences during eat and drink process caused by them, they will be used as the final methods only.
  • Space maintainers–  if the children’s teeth has been lost early, a kit of them will be used to keep the space among teeth till the permanent teeth emerge  on the jaw. A splint will be fixed into teeth beside the space and a bowstring will be combined to the opposite tooth inside this space.


Removable retainers including: 

  • Aligners : also called splint, they has been bring for both upper and lower, which help to shift the jaw back  to expected positions. They also  have been used for temporomandibular joint disorders case.
  • Lip and cheek retractors: they are designed to keep the lips and cheeks away from teeth. The lips and cheeks muscles may create the pressure  on  teeth, they  help to reduce these.
  • Palatal expander: the equipment is used to expand the upper arch. This is a plastic fit for the upper arch. By tighten the knot into bone of arch will create the force impacting on the plastic which help to expand and widen your arch.
  • Removable retainers : worn under the arch, this help the teeth doesn’t upgrade on the front  they also have been  changed  to new one  and used to  prevent from thumb sucking
  • Headgear:  this  type  of retainer including  a band  placed behind your head and combined with a metal string from frontward or underneath of the  chin. This help to slow the lower jaw from growing and keep the back teeth while shifting back the front teeth.


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