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How Can We Care Implant Tooth?

How Can We Care Implant Tooth?

Care tooth after implant with right ways is very important. Once finishing the implant procedure, then oral care and hygiene is the key factor for the long term success of it.
The way of oral care, hygiene and necessary instrument will be instructed by the dentist more specifically. However, the care for implant does not different from normal one.
General rules:
Home care: the basic oral care need to have: carefully brushing your teeth and using dental floss daily. For the implant tooth care, we also need other dental instruments: brush with special bristles, silk floss with hard head passing through the tooth bridges. The dentist will give the specific methods suitable with your status.

Chăm Sóc Răng Implant Như Thế Nào?

Mouthwash: reducing the accumulation of bacteria quantity within your mouth, creating a good environment for growth of implant teeth and the remaining real tooth.
Notes: restricting smoking down minimum level along with controlling the unconscious bruxism during sleeping also the important factors in maintaining your implant tooth for a long time.
Regular checkups: patient who has implant tooth should have regular checkups after every 6 months.

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