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How To Care Your Kid’s Teeth?

How To Care Your Kid’s Teeth?

Children’s teeth care: Some popular questions: 
The following matters are the normal one that the parents usually meet when care their children’s teeth. 
When should you begin to care their teeth? 
At the time when their teeth emerge from the gums (normally, when they are at ages of 5 to 9 months) informed that you should begin to look after their oral hygiene.
How to clean their gums and teeth? 
Use the wet and soft cloth to clean their gums. When they are the age of using the toothbrush, please use the toothbrush with soft bristle and small head. You may change it as regular (once 3 months) or when it has the signal of fringes.

Chăm Sóc Răng Cho Bé - Nha Khoa Trẻ Em

For their healthy and cosmetic teeth, you should let them brush their teeth from ages of two.
Should we use the toothpaste for children? 
When they are at ages of two, you can let them use the toothpaste for kid with a little bit of amount. The toothpaste for kid has less fluoride and especially, adding more calcium for them.
When should we take them to dentist? 
The most suitable time is their first birthday (birthday of a year-old baby). You should put your effort to take them go to see dentist  in advannced  they are ages of three. In the first time checkups, he will appreciate their jaw positions, check for the signals of tooth decays. After that, he will show you the best way to care their oral health.
How to prevent from “tooth decays caused by bottle-feeding”? 
This status is the tooth decays (normally front teeth) by attack enamel of acid. It occurs due to expose to certain liquid (except water) during too long time, which usually happened during sleeping, it is happened not only with children who bottle-feds but also who breast-feds for a long time.
For preventing from bottle-feeding , please do the following  simple things: 
Let them bottle-fed in meal only, not during sleeping
Be not allow them to drink fruit juice, soft drink and other drink with sugar inside feeding bottle
Teach them use the glass or straw once they are ready (normally when they are one year old)
Keep well the oral hygiene and daily brush their teeth

Which foods we should avoid to keep a healthy teeth for children? 
Avoiding the foods with a lot of sugar, especially some kinds of foods which can be keep for a long time within mouth such as:  candies, soft drink and fruit juice inside the feeding bottle. Marshmallow contained C vitamin also has been advised that it is harmful for their teeth, some kinds of nutritional foods such as: dried fruit also contained many sugar. Therefore, you should let your children wash  their mouth after enjoying these kinds of foods.
Whether sucking thumb habit is harmful or not? 
For sure that if this habit lasts till after newborn stages leading to misaligned  teeth at children, bucktoothed and make changing of their upper.
What are the basic rules of oral care for children? 
Eating a lot of nutritional  foods, especially foods with large amount of  calcium, less acid and sugar
Eating the nosh with many nutrition such as: cheese or fruit.
Drinking a lot of water
Brushing their teeth slightly and carefully with toothpaste contained less fluoride from two to seven ages
Using the toothbrush with soft bristles and small head
Brushing your teeth twice daily, the best time is after breakfast and before going to bed
Regular checkups and do not wait till having matter with their teeth.

Chăm Sóc Răng Cho Bé - Nha Khoa Trẻ Em Should we add the fluoride for kid?
Fluoride is very good for keeping healthy teeth. However, before adding for your child, please refer to dentist’s advice.
What are the signals of emerging teeth at kid? 
Gums: a bit swelling, red and epulis
You can see a little bit white of emerging tooth beneath gums
Children who usually  salivate,  enjoy  biting or keeping something within their mouth
They are easily to angry and have painful signals
Reducing  their uncomfortable feelings, you can use paracetamol, which is gel types
without aspirin and let them chew the cold teething rings.
When they can brush their teeth by themselves? 
Normally, when they are at 5 of ages, they can do by themselves. However, you should help and follow them till they are 7 or 8 years old.


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