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Tooth Discoloration And Improving Solutions

Tooth Discoloration And Improving Solutions

Vietnamese has the proverb that “Cái răng cái tóc là gốc con người” meaning that the hair and teeth are the first and essential standards to appreciate the beauty of anyone. Teeth support us in drinking & eating process, comunication, contribiute the large portion to our beautiful apperance, especilally  beautiful smile, one of the essential factor  in social communication. Perfect teeth required full set, straight,  even, shiny. However, it doesn’t mean that every people will have perfect teeth when they were born. Besides, when we got elder or due to other habits such as: eating or drinking colored foods & beverages, smoking, etc, which will make our teeth become discolored.

Hereafter, we would like to mention some reasons caused  tooth stain  as well as some improving solutions, especially tooth polishing and tooth  whitening which attracted the care of many people at present.
1.  Reasons caused tooth stain:
–  Due to the stain attached on the tooth surface
–  Due to the colored substance located deeplly inside of tooth structure
2.  Improving solutions:
–  Solutions help to change the tooth color without impact on the tooth’s structure
–  Changing tooth color with crowns, classy creamic veneeer

Reasons caused tooth discoloration:
Normally, the tooth color decides by genetic factors. The permenant has the white color. Normally, their color is not the same as together, the canine tooth is more colored then the others.
There are a lot of reasons caused changing the tooth color. However, we have 02 main reasons as bellows:
1.  Tooth stain thanks to the stain attached on the tooth surface:
This case occurs when the teeth has emerged already. This may be caused by foods, berverages, tobaco or kinds of throat lozenge, mouthwash. For instance: tea, coffee, beverages, curry, food coloring, betel, chlorhexidine mouthwash (it is usually contained in dentist’s prescription while bad breath or periodontitis treatment). Smoking, cigar, or chewing tobaco also creates the stain on the tooth surface.
These stain usually attachs on the village, pit and grooves on the tooth surface. Sometimes, they attach on the smooth surface and cover the whole teeth.
They could have many different color such as: dark yellow, light to dark brown or even black.
2.  Tooth stain due to the colored substance located deeply inside of tooth’s structure:
The colored subtance could penertrate into the tooth’s structure before or after its emerge.
a)  The reasons caused tooth stain before emerging of tooth
The initial teeth emerge when the children at the six moth of ages. However, the establish has begin from the ffifth week of ages in fetus. From this time till to emerging time of tooth, there would be occur a lot of things causing the tooth discoloration.
–  Teeth infected the tetracvcline:
Tetracvline is  a  kind of antibiotics. Nowadays, we also have Doxycycline, Minocycline, etc also the antibiotics belonging the same groups with Tetracycline.
If mother has used these kinds of drugs while pregnant time or the children had them before they are 7 or 8 of ages, which could lead to changing tooth color. Previously, when the life still exists  a numberour of difficulties and due to the number of antibiotics kinds is till limited, then the using of antibiotics derived from tetracyline is very popular, its consequence is many people who were born in this stage possesing the colored teeth because of infected tetracyline.
The level of tooth discoloration depends on each stage, usage time, dosage and types of drug
The tooth color could become yellow, brown or gray green. The changing color could occur on the whole of teeth or on some where, this makes our teeth contains a lot of different color. In the serious cases, the teeth may contain many small holes, horizontal stripes, defects, losing the normal shape.
–  Tooth infected fluoride:
Fluoride is a chemical substance which may exist in nature ( for instance: contained in water well), thanks to it has the anticaries feature, it usually added into tap water, milk, toothpaste, etc.
If a pregnant woman or children who  swallows a large amount of fluoride from the mentioned sources, teeth could contain the brown or opalescent stain. Serious cases may cause the defect of tooth’s structure.
–  Besides, some other dental or blood diseases could change the tooth color ( for example: deficient enamel, unsuitableness of Rhesus between mom and child)

b)  Reasons caused tooth stain after emerging of tooth:
–  Dead tooth after root canal treatment:
Pulp may dead because of to  tooth cary, injuries or other diseases.  Tooth stain due to bleeding inside tooth.
–  The accumulation of ages
The elder we are, the more wearing tooth is or contained a lot of cracks  leading to discoloration more easily. Besides, inside tooth has the accumulation of secondary dentin layer which makes  tooth become colored.
–  Dental treatment:
Some dental  techiques could change the tooth color, for example: dentall fillings with colored material (e.g: amalgam), root canal treatment.
–  Improving solutions:
There are a lot of ways to improve the tooth color, since the dentists or patients did. We could apply these methods together or separately.
In conclusion, there are 2 ways to change the tooth color:
1.  Changing tooth color without impacting to tooth’s structure:
a.  Removal of calculus- tartar:
This is the method which help to take out of the stain attached on tooth by the removal tartar and polishing tools. This must do by dentists called tartar or calculus, periodontitis removal.
b.  Tooth whitening:
This method uses  the whitening drugs or toothpastes, chewing gums contained whitening  substance  in order to make tooth become more white. This may implement by dentists or the patient under their dentist’s control. (especially, avoid buying drugs from pharmacy and did by themselves without dentist’s instructions, which may cause inflammation, scalded gums because of wrong manipulations,etc.)
Typical consequences of some cases after tooth whitening:
Previous – gradually whitening – after
Whitening teeth will help you become more confident and sucessful.
Tooth whitening is the effective method and quickily brings the perfect beauty to your teeth and face. At present, it has been applied widely  in many countries on the world and totally harmless, without harmful to enamel as well as impact on general health of the whole body.
In general, for tooth whitening, we have 2 methods:
+ On-site whitening methods- within an hour  with the Lumacool system
+ Home whitening under dentist’s instructions
2.  Ways to change the tooth color by crown, ceramic veneeer
Beside tooth whitening, for case with heavily colored or teeth infected seriously tetracycline , treatment with crown prosthodontics or veneer, all-ceramic, gold-ceramic will bring the higher and longer results.


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