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Why Should We Choose The Implant?

Why Should We Choose The Implant?

The normal dentures made techniques have following disadvantages:

Removable dentures: caused obstacle within your mouth, the chewing function not high, reducing palatable feelings, hindering the pronunciation, the hook may cause broken for the real teeth, the jawbone has been lost gradually making loose dentures and after some time, we must repair or re-made.

Tooth Bridge: has the chewing functions same as real tooth but we have to grind the nearby real teeth to smaller to cover the crowns and make the bridge post. The jawbone, where loses your teeth, also can be lost impacting to cosmetic factors

Tại Sao Nên Chọn Implant?

Implants overcome the disadvantages of removable dentures and tooth bridges:

  • Good chewing functions.
  • Prevent from the bone resorption
  • Bring confident feelings like your real teeth
  • Implant doesn’t cause the uncomfortable feelings like the other dental treatments. It is more lightly than extraction one.

Implant tooth could exist with you during your lifetime.

Its unique disadvantage is high cost.

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