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Whitening Teeth Is Always Essential Demand

Whitening Teeth Is Always Essential Demand

You would like to look more beautiful. Some people like beautiful clothes or new hair style, the others like bright smile. A survey in 2007 was implemented by United Cosmetic Dentistry Institute shown that whitening technique seems to increase in every year. The result of this survey showed that this rate increase 15% by 2005’s survey.
There are many options relating to whitening methods need to mention, including whitening at dental clinic, at home and the whitening product without doctor’s prescription such as: whitening toothpaste, whitening veneers, whitening pen and whitening mouthwatering. The important thing is that you need to refer dentist’s advice to determine which methods suitable for you. He/she will check your tooth status and which methods help your tooth become more perfect and whitening.


Làm Trắng Răng Luôn Là Nhu Cầu Thiết Yếu


Whitening methods at dental clinic
This method  did my dentist at dental clinic
and may complete with one or two checkups
time. The option include: use tray and laser. With using tray methods, she/he will take impression your tooth and create individual tray, fit for your tooth. This process needs many times to
visit dental clinic to reach your expectation regarding to white level. Put whitening gels on tray and wear on your tooth. A fit tray will reduce ability to contact between gel and gums tissues.  For laser methods, the dentist will place the rubber base or protecting gel to cover the gums  tissues. After that, whitening  gel will be placed on your tooth during definite time. The  ultraviolet  will activate the whitening factor contained inside gel. You will have some appointment with dentist during this process. This methods will bring significant performance for your smile, even it is expensive than the whitening methods at home. After this process, you also could provide with a set of products to whitening at home.

Whitening methods at home
Go to see dentist to appreciate your tooth’s color and form, from there you could determine which is the most suitable whitening method for  your teeth. You will be taken impression your tooth and create private tray. After that, you will be instructed how to use the set of whitening products. They are used daily once to twice time, within 1 to 2 weeks and need to follow the sensitive level of your tooth. This method takes  more time that at dental clinic.


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