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Benefits Of Implant

Benefits Of Implant

Previously, if you lost your tooth, you have 2 options only either applying removable dentures or making tooth bridges. Nowadays, we get the better methods called implant.
Removable dentures makes you  feel discomfortable and cumbersome, for tooth bidges methods, the dentist must grind the next to teeth into smaller. Enven if you lost your molar tooth in the end of inside jaw or more lost tooth quantity, the distance between  lost teeth is far, as before the patients could be applied removable denture only, in case they prefer to appliy fixed dentures is impossible. However, nowadays, with implant techniquies, the dentist could suppport you even if there is no any teeth in your mouth.
Images: the missing distance is long, if you have fixed tooth bidges then it shall be easily broken bridge and harmful to post teeth and implant become the most suitable ways for this case.
The process of implant and place ceramic crowns


Compare with removable denture and  tooth bridges, implant exist many outstanding advantages:

Real tooth feeling: implant tooth bring you with chewing capability and cosmetic factor equal to real tooth.
More palatable  in eating: you could enjoy taste of delicious cusine or your favorite wine just because you are free from obstacle caused by inconvenient removable dentures. You also can enjoy fruit or crunchy kernel such as: peanut. Gums and mucosa mouth has not longer been stimulated or burned caused by  friction with  denture base. The more palatable you eat, the heathier you are.
Fixed: you are completlely safe while chewing, communicating, forget your worry about “ fallen out denture”!
Comestic: it help to support bone and surrounding  tissue created the comestic similar to  real tooth.
Functions: fixed prosthodontics   will help you to use your tooth functions equal to 90% of your real tooth ( while this rate for removable dentures is 20-40%).Correct pronunciation: bringing dentures sometimes make you feel discomfortable with your pronunciation. Implant is different, you shall be confident with yourself.

Safe: implant and abutment post made of titan material, which is good compatible biology material used popularly  in modern physical implant  such as: artificial knee, combine and fixed bone in prosthodontics surgery.

Long term and durable: after lost tooth, the bone and gums resorption at that place which affected directly on your face shape. Removable dentures and tooth bridges could not prevent from bone resorption. But  implant could do it. Besides, implant could go along with you during your lifetime if you have implant with correct techniques and well care.


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