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Cosmetic Filling And Necessary Notes

Cosmetic Filling And Necessary Notes

Due to opinions “Cái Răng cái tóc là gốc con người”- Vietnamese original opinion means that teeth and hair are two of many important aspects to appreciate a beauty of each person,  therefore, many people go for cosmetic filling in case broken teeth, missing teeth, alignment,…

Cosmetic filling technology

At present, there are a lot of materials for cosmetic fillings, normally its color is the same as enamel to restore the form, chewing functions, cover  tooth defect, more popular is polymer optics composite.

Composite crown doesn’t take much time, just grind the front surface to create adhesive, less numb, sensitive and loose feeling after this process. However, it is easy to broken, quick change color,  easy infect gingivitis, bad breath, broken and loose polish.

The dentist  usually  doesn’t  guarantee  for composite fillings. This depends on each natural and the way to protect, the durable for this lasts 2-4 year. The price fluctuate from 250.000 to 350.000 VND per piece .

Titan crowns, precious metal are used as popular but the price is expensive. Titan possess the high durable, not caused black at the border of gums, neck, less grinding, the price fluctuate around 1,8 – 2,5 million VND, with golden metal or platinum  price from 5 to 6 million per piece. If we made simple calculation, the total cost for a full set of teeth making from these material up to a millions.  Besides, you must go to dental clinic 3 to 4 times within the first 10 days so that the dentist could check, advise, grind the outside enamel, take impression of your teeth to make  your teeth’s form.

However, this kind of tooth will stay with you a decades or during your lifetime in case you know how to care and protect it.


The methods make tooth with CAD/CAM technology is the newest. After take impression of your tooth, entry data to computer, you will have your own design which ensure the form and the occlusion’s correct level count to micrometer level and automatically cut according to fixed samples with high correct, durable, limit the food’s adhesion, free when chewing, form and color perfect as your real teeth.

This quick technology is applied for all-ceramic tooth  (material, color perfect as real tooth) and implant tooth (artificial tooth, insert into jaw to replace for missing tooth) price from 1,8 to 5,5 million per piece depending on material kinds.

Easily broken your tooth with deeply grinding

The dentist said that crown will bring you with longer white level than whitening, also control the color according to your favorite, however, the specialist must has the high qualification because they must remove the pulp, grind the outside enamel then cover crown.  The thick of crown is from 2-5 millimeter up each tooth kinds. He/she must distinguish the kind as well as thick level of enamel to have suitable grinding. If they got too deep grinding leading to easily infect pulpitis and less serious, the patient may get gingivitis, swelling gums. More serious, this will caused broken your root, osteitis  leading to tooth extraction or septicemia.

Tartar removal, root canal, cosmetic fillings… almost could be done by any dental clinic. But for prosthodontics dentures, high quality ceramic tooth, tetracycline, implant insertion,…the number of dentist who qualified and experienced is not much and they usually kill pulp leading to died real tooth during mentioned process.

There is cosmetic prosthodontics methods which help to preserve the real teeth by ceramic Veneer( also called laminate ceramic). Its advantages are: less grind, maximum reservation your real teeth and pulp (approximately 100% veneer case without root canal treatment). The sensitivity feeling is much less than ceramic tooth, but this required dentist must meet the high correct level, qualified cosmetic ability. If not, the reservation and durable of veneer will be low.

Previously, cosmetic prosthodontics must grind big quantity of real teeth to make crowns, the veneer has just grind the outside of real teeth, the paste the ceramic veneer ( thick 0/6-0.7 mm) so that your tooth has the natural color. The complicated cases such as: gap tooth, discoloration which taken root canal treatment then they also could be applied this methods.

Ceramic veneer after applying for tooth infected tetracycline get the natural results regardless the discoloration level of tooth. Its disadvantages takes longer time than ceramic tooth, high cost, cannot adjust the alignment tooth (bucktooth), also required the extremely high of correct level when applies this.

Dentist’s advice: 

  • Crown without root canal treatment, some first days, you should avoid hot, cold, hard foods avoiding pulp irritation. If 4-5 days after, you have got pain feelings, you should go to dentist for further checkups.
  • If you want to maintain durable of your tooth crown, you need to clean your tooth twice to thrice times daily, the right using toothbrush, removal tartar regularly twice time per year.
  • Should apply massage for the gums surrounding crown tooth by use your fingers to massage around or use tongue for firm your gums
  • Cosmetic should be considered carefully as it takes much time, costly and efforts
  • Should choose the professional, conscientious dentist to enjoy the good quality service under reasonable prices.
  • In case making  orthodontics to reduce overbite, underbite,  the dentist will advise you carefully to get the final decision.


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