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How Can We Fill The Milk-Tooth For Babies?

How Can We Fill The Milk-Tooth For Babies?

The steps of fillings their milk tooth: 
1.Most of cases when filling tooth, we have to clean the decays in advanced. However, in case cavity is clean and smooth, we can use the tool to scrape cursory for safety or use the cotton to clean quickly. After that, isolation will be done so that the saliva cannot go inside cavity, then put the inlays into it and awaiting till they become hardness mean that this procedures has been finished.

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2.The permanent teeth emerge according to its “scheduled” meaning that your child has been waited until the changing milk-tooth progress begins, they will begins to emerge. This progress occur from 6 to 12 years old, the front teeth normally emerge between 6 and 7 ages of years. However, their front teeth have been moved too early which make these permanent teeth emerge more slowly than normal. Besides, for the children who have been removed their teeth too early, they have been easily had misaligned and crowded teeth. If you want to have prosthodontics, you could wait until your child has been removed all their baby tooth, you can apply this methods for your babies.
Their teeth has not had the painful feelings yet because of caseation of pulp (including nerve and blood vessels). It has been had caseation for a long time without treatments caused pus. If you don’t apply any treatment method for them, the pus becomes more and more which impact on the sprouts of permanent teeth beneath gums, obviously, this is not good at all aspects.

3.Furthermore, caseation teeth caused by bacterial, unless you have treatment, the infections will become more serious and wider. If you applied the suitable methods treatment at this stage, luckily, you has the chance to retain the children’s teeth, in case, you let it like its natural development, which not only impact on their health but also lead to extraction of their tooth earlier causing the status like my second answers. For these reasons, next time, if your children had tooth decay, you should take them to dentist for filling, the main reasons for this actions is to keep their teeth till their real changing teeth ages.

Các Bước Trám Răng Sữa Cho Bé – Nha Khoa Quận 1

The milk-molar would be changed at the ages of 11 or 12, if they have been removed early, the full set of children teeth after will be more chaotic.


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