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The Reasons Leading To Extraction

The Reasons Leading To Extraction

Tooth decay: when you have extremely serious decays, which cannot treat by filling or root canal treatment, then you must apply extraction method.

Serious periodontics: in this case, your teeth will have significant shaken since the surrounding and supporting bones have been destroyed which cannot restored. Removing your teeth is the most simple and economy solution.

Misaligned teeth: the most popular case occurs with the upper canine and wisdom teeth. In case that the wisdom teeth emerge with wrong directions, extraction them is the unique ways to prevent from occuring the worse situations.

Prosthodontics: sometimes, we need to have extraction to create the necessary space for prosthodontics.

Injury: in the events of broken tooth or root which cannot cure by fillings or prosthodontics, we need to apply extraction tooth.

Economy factors: a few of peoples chose extraction their painful or caries tooth instead of filling or other costly methods for economy reasons.

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